• Public School Fast Facts Table provides information on school facilities and school enrollment for each state.  The table also includes information on the number of counties in each state.  School district boundaries in some states are identical to the county boundaries (e.g., Maryland, Nevada, West Virginia). In most states, the number of school districts is much higher than the number of counties.  Most of the facility and enrollment numbers are based on the Fall 2015 figures from the 2017 Digest of Education Statistics (Tables 203.40, 208.40).  

Thank you to the New Mexico Public School Facilities Authority for compiling this information.

  • The School and District Navigator is a mapping service from the U.S. Department of Education that includes enrollment and demographic information on school districts and individual schools in every state.

  • Digest of Education Statistics is prepared by the National Center for Education Statistics and provides comprehensive data on schools, student enrollment, school funding, and other topics.

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